Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays are coming

Here are party pics from the Halloween cake table


At work I also got to make one of these babies for the display table and I think it came out cute!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Treats

For Halloween we had our first ever Halloween party to celebrate my sister's summer elopement and Oct 31st. For the party I made one 'wedding' cake (which got a little headless figures later on during the day- complete with red corn-syrup blood) and a little over a hundred cupcakes
This one was pumpkin with cream cheese frosting
and this one is chocolate with buttercream and chocolate stars made from candy molds
I made five in total and with the craziness of setting up for the party I didn't get pictures of the rest which were:
red velvet/cream cheese (with little spider web designs)
chocolate #2/ cream cheese (with chocolate stars)
Yellow/ fudge (with little pumpkins)

It felt like I was jumping a really big hurdle making all those cupcakes and frosting from scratch but in the end it felt like I totally won the race by find a buttercream and cream cheese frosting recipe that had great consistency (similar to the stuff we use at work) as well as I figured out how to use my hand held mixer when the recipe calls for a stand mixer with a paddle attachment (I just took off one beater and held on tight and it gave me great constancy).

My dream gift is still a Kitchen-aid stand mixer in red (umm hello $300!??!??! ouch)
I better start filling up my piggy bank if I ever want one in my kitchen.