Thursday, February 12, 2009

SO I love cupcakes and cupcake towers and making cupcake cakes is fun but I suppose there could be better options. Anyways, the way the economy is going nowadays and young couples still in love and still wanting to have something beautiful but a little more cost effective yet still elegant, might like to think about doing one of these great big cupcake platters. Also for the holiday this seems like a great idea for cookies and cakes and all that jazz (which I will definetly be using the next holiday season for the yummy treats I make, this year I found big red rounds tins at like Wal-Mart but seeing this full of brownies, fudge, cookies, and cake would be way cooler) I am just in love with the idea of cupcake towers and am putting a lovey tired cake stand or th elike on my wishlist.
Which already has like 13874647214 other things on it...but that's another post. =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day!

For valentine's day we have really good deals going on at the store and that means good news for all those shoppers but bad news for us lowly workers. Today there were tons of single serve cakes, cupcakes, hearts cakes, mini heart cakes, heart cupcakes, round cookies, heart cookies, etc. to be made but somehow in the madness that was my almost 10-hour shift I got some quick shots of those sweet little sweets.

One is fun to do.

A couple more 'aint that bad.

But THIS is insanity...haha work.

Recent Cakes

So here are just some quick photos from some cakes I thought were worthwhile from work. Since my phone has a decent camera and since I always forget to bring in my real camera these will have to do.

This one is just a simple cake my mom loved =)

The sweetest looking little snowmen from the past christmas season.

This was for 50th birthday party! The photocake machine wasn;t working too well that day so instead I free handed this lovely lady and iced from the picture!

A lady came into the store wanting this for a friend. For her daughter she got a Las Vegas cake for her 21st and both came out stellar! I do love when they come in because they always want to do the funnest stuff and bring me in the cutest stuff to work with =)

One of the many cakes I did for the playoffs/super bowl. Shame we lost =(