Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays are coming

Here are party pics from the Halloween cake table


At work I also got to make one of these babies for the display table and I think it came out cute!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Treats

For Halloween we had our first ever Halloween party to celebrate my sister's summer elopement and Oct 31st. For the party I made one 'wedding' cake (which got a little headless figures later on during the day- complete with red corn-syrup blood) and a little over a hundred cupcakes
This one was pumpkin with cream cheese frosting
and this one is chocolate with buttercream and chocolate stars made from candy molds
I made five in total and with the craziness of setting up for the party I didn't get pictures of the rest which were:
red velvet/cream cheese (with little spider web designs)
chocolate #2/ cream cheese (with chocolate stars)
Yellow/ fudge (with little pumpkins)

It felt like I was jumping a really big hurdle making all those cupcakes and frosting from scratch but in the end it felt like I totally won the race by find a buttercream and cream cheese frosting recipe that had great consistency (similar to the stuff we use at work) as well as I figured out how to use my hand held mixer when the recipe calls for a stand mixer with a paddle attachment (I just took off one beater and held on tight and it gave me great constancy).

My dream gift is still a Kitchen-aid stand mixer in red (umm hello $300!??!??! ouch)
I better start filling up my piggy bank if I ever want one in my kitchen.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm alive

I was not eaten by aliens... or dinosaurs... or taken in by dementors. I have just been neglecting this here blog (with good reason, umm hello how hard is it to organize a post? geeze)
While I was gone I was still diligently baking and decorating.

Here is the proof!

This little eggies were for easter products at Albertsons.
I took a yellow egg (they came pre-dipped in colored chocolate)
and tried to do an argyle print but I only got a headless Charlie Brown. In my embarrassment I didn't take a picture which I now regret (how am I gonna make my all egg performance of "You're a good man Charlie Brown"? now)

This was a baby shower cake that just made my day. The blocks and cake in the picture they brought in were originally fondant but we don't use fondant at Albertson's (and it tastes super gross) so these were made of chocolate cake and poured double dutch fudge frosting YUM!

This one was a dummy cake for a baby shower too. Since no one was going to eat styrofoam this one is made of fondant
I put my mom's tortilla rolling skills to work and got her to roll me out some sweet fondant!

Here is the cake decked out at the party.

During the summer we had a monopoly game going on at Albertson's. One costumer won $500 and I got to make this sweet cake for the winning costumer.

I got a picture out of the store ad (about two inches wide) and drew Mr. Monopoly out of icing on the cake. It turned out super cute and made me smile all day.
(something about the way Mr. Monopoly looks is just so funny to me)

This cool tipped icing i saw and just had to try. My new manager showed me how to load the bag and they turned out great for a first try. I am totally going to try to make some dark roses for my sister's Halloween wedding reception.

Cupcake Cake Pops

I am super addicted to blog-stalking and following food blogs. One of my favorites is Bakerella where she makes these delicious and oh so cute cake pops in all shapes and sizes.

Here is red velvet cake and chocolate candy coating. They were so much fun and yummy!

what have you been baking lately??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

One more for tonight.

It was my roomates birthday recently and while I work with cake for an obscene number of hour each and every day I was just dying to come home and make one more cake for my roommate!! NOT! Instead of doing a regular old cake I made her a cheesecake for her 22nd birthday. SO we rang in 22 with a white-chocolate raspberry cheesecake and boy was that thing good. =) Here is to 22 Miss Gretchen and to 23...may we have an equally delicious birthday treat! =

When You're a Princess...

You get a pretty princess castle for your party!

I was on vacation (insert lots of unneeded work drama with temporary decorator) and I was called in on my free Saturday to make this cake and two more. The normal one we make is the castle without the 1/2 sheet cake underneath it and so this would be the supersized version and I did have tons of fun making it. The dad who came to pick up the cake for his little girl's third birthday was soo nice and I hope I made her birthday extra special!

The only things missing are the princesses on the turrets and screaming toddler girls!


on another note

don't you love my camera phone photos too??

My digital camera decided to die on me awhile ago and figured I should just save up and make a proper investment and get a really nice digital camera to really get some great photos and basically just spoil myself with a really nice, fancy camera.

Baby Cakes

So we had these cute little mini versions of the regular cakes we sale on ad aboiut a week ago. (perhaps I should have posted this while they were on sale to, umm i don't know, maybe sell some??) They were fun to make and looked so delicious and I don't know how I managed it but I got away without eating all of them.

Snickers Baby Cake
Snickers Baby Cake
Cookies and Cream Baby Cake

And like always things are never made in one's or two's they are made in 10's and 20's

Thursday, February 12, 2009

SO I love cupcakes and cupcake towers and making cupcake cakes is fun but I suppose there could be better options. Anyways, the way the economy is going nowadays and young couples still in love and still wanting to have something beautiful but a little more cost effective yet still elegant, might like to think about doing one of these great big cupcake platters. Also for the holiday this seems like a great idea for cookies and cakes and all that jazz (which I will definetly be using the next holiday season for the yummy treats I make, this year I found big red rounds tins at like Wal-Mart but seeing this full of brownies, fudge, cookies, and cake would be way cooler) I am just in love with the idea of cupcake towers and am putting a lovey tired cake stand or th elike on my wishlist.
Which already has like 13874647214 other things on it...but that's another post. =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day!

For valentine's day we have really good deals going on at the store and that means good news for all those shoppers but bad news for us lowly workers. Today there were tons of single serve cakes, cupcakes, hearts cakes, mini heart cakes, heart cupcakes, round cookies, heart cookies, etc. to be made but somehow in the madness that was my almost 10-hour shift I got some quick shots of those sweet little sweets.

One is fun to do.

A couple more 'aint that bad.

But THIS is insanity...haha work.

Recent Cakes

So here are just some quick photos from some cakes I thought were worthwhile from work. Since my phone has a decent camera and since I always forget to bring in my real camera these will have to do.

This one is just a simple cake my mom loved =)

The sweetest looking little snowmen from the past christmas season.

This was for 50th birthday party! The photocake machine wasn;t working too well that day so instead I free handed this lovely lady and iced from the picture!

A lady came into the store wanting this for a friend. For her daughter she got a Las Vegas cake for her 21st and both came out stellar! I do love when they come in because they always want to do the funnest stuff and bring me in the cutest stuff to work with =)

One of the many cakes I did for the playoffs/super bowl. Shame we lost =(