Thursday, March 19, 2009

One more for tonight.

It was my roomates birthday recently and while I work with cake for an obscene number of hour each and every day I was just dying to come home and make one more cake for my roommate!! NOT! Instead of doing a regular old cake I made her a cheesecake for her 22nd birthday. SO we rang in 22 with a white-chocolate raspberry cheesecake and boy was that thing good. =) Here is to 22 Miss Gretchen and to 23...may we have an equally delicious birthday treat! =

When You're a Princess...

You get a pretty princess castle for your party!

I was on vacation (insert lots of unneeded work drama with temporary decorator) and I was called in on my free Saturday to make this cake and two more. The normal one we make is the castle without the 1/2 sheet cake underneath it and so this would be the supersized version and I did have tons of fun making it. The dad who came to pick up the cake for his little girl's third birthday was soo nice and I hope I made her birthday extra special!

The only things missing are the princesses on the turrets and screaming toddler girls!


on another note

don't you love my camera phone photos too??

My digital camera decided to die on me awhile ago and figured I should just save up and make a proper investment and get a really nice digital camera to really get some great photos and basically just spoil myself with a really nice, fancy camera.

Baby Cakes

So we had these cute little mini versions of the regular cakes we sale on ad aboiut a week ago. (perhaps I should have posted this while they were on sale to, umm i don't know, maybe sell some??) They were fun to make and looked so delicious and I don't know how I managed it but I got away without eating all of them.

Snickers Baby Cake
Snickers Baby Cake
Cookies and Cream Baby Cake

And like always things are never made in one's or two's they are made in 10's and 20's