Thursday, February 12, 2009

SO I love cupcakes and cupcake towers and making cupcake cakes is fun but I suppose there could be better options. Anyways, the way the economy is going nowadays and young couples still in love and still wanting to have something beautiful but a little more cost effective yet still elegant, might like to think about doing one of these great big cupcake platters. Also for the holiday this seems like a great idea for cookies and cakes and all that jazz (which I will definetly be using the next holiday season for the yummy treats I make, this year I found big red rounds tins at like Wal-Mart but seeing this full of brownies, fudge, cookies, and cake would be way cooler) I am just in love with the idea of cupcake towers and am putting a lovey tired cake stand or th elike on my wishlist.
Which already has like 13874647214 other things on it...but that's another post. =)

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