Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm alive

I was not eaten by aliens... or dinosaurs... or taken in by dementors. I have just been neglecting this here blog (with good reason, umm hello how hard is it to organize a post? geeze)
While I was gone I was still diligently baking and decorating.

Here is the proof!

This little eggies were for easter products at Albertsons.
I took a yellow egg (they came pre-dipped in colored chocolate)
and tried to do an argyle print but I only got a headless Charlie Brown. In my embarrassment I didn't take a picture which I now regret (how am I gonna make my all egg performance of "You're a good man Charlie Brown"? now)

This was a baby shower cake that just made my day. The blocks and cake in the picture they brought in were originally fondant but we don't use fondant at Albertson's (and it tastes super gross) so these were made of chocolate cake and poured double dutch fudge frosting YUM!

This one was a dummy cake for a baby shower too. Since no one was going to eat styrofoam this one is made of fondant
I put my mom's tortilla rolling skills to work and got her to roll me out some sweet fondant!

Here is the cake decked out at the party.

During the summer we had a monopoly game going on at Albertson's. One costumer won $500 and I got to make this sweet cake for the winning costumer.

I got a picture out of the store ad (about two inches wide) and drew Mr. Monopoly out of icing on the cake. It turned out super cute and made me smile all day.
(something about the way Mr. Monopoly looks is just so funny to me)

This cool tipped icing i saw and just had to try. My new manager showed me how to load the bag and they turned out great for a first try. I am totally going to try to make some dark roses for my sister's Halloween wedding reception.

Cupcake Cake Pops

I am super addicted to blog-stalking and following food blogs. One of my favorites is Bakerella where she makes these delicious and oh so cute cake pops in all shapes and sizes.

Here is red velvet cake and chocolate candy coating. They were so much fun and yummy!

what have you been baking lately??


Miss Marie said...

Yum! and you know I can't bake!! but i want some more pumpkin butter scotch cookies!!

Mari said...

haha anytime Rasha...ANYTIME =)